Splodge captures hearts

17 June, 2024|

She's no thoroughbred but Splodge the pony has drawn more attention from an adoring public than the average race horse. This small pony with the unusual face markings was brought to EARS' attention by concerned Greyton residents who noticed her [...]

It takes a village

17 December, 2023|

EARS Donkey Sanctuary’s manager Penny James was recently subjected to criticism from a Greytonian for not responding quickly enough to a foal in need. We’d like to set the record straight. EARS is an NPO staffed by Penny, Therdon Duminy [...]

Sienna swells up

9 June, 2023|

Imagine the fright we got when we saw this face! Sweet Sienna is in temporary residence at the Sanctuary as a companion to little Aimilli, an orphaned foal who needed a bit of TLC and medical care after losing her [...]

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