A place to call home

EARS Donkey Sanctuary, 10km outside of Greyton in the Overberg, Western Cape, offers a loving and caring home to 16 permanent donkey residents and a fluid number of community-owned horses under temporary medical care. Our Sanctuary is managed by experienced equine manager Penny James supported by welfare assistants Shannon Zietsman, Therdon Duminy and Keenan Wildschut. We welcome visitors of all ages.

We also have a Charity Shop in Main Road, Greyton where we sell gently worn items, the proceeds of which are ploughed back into our rescue and rehabilitation work. As a registered NPO we rely heavily on donations to continue to care for the equines in our community.

What we do


Historically, donkeys are ‘beasts of burden’ used to pull laden carts or ploughs and carry people. Because they’re hardy and strong, they’re often overworked, neglected or abused. EARS Donkey Sanctuary employs the assistance of law enforcement to remove donkeys from abusive owners and prosecutes where necessary. Donkeys that are confiscated are cared for at our Sanctuary either permanently or until suitable, loving and caring homes are found for them.

EARS Donkey Sanctuary


In addition to our rescue donkeys, EARS works closely with local equine owners whose animals require medication, wound dressing or veterinary care. This is done either on site (at the owner’s home) or, if medical care is for an extended period, at our Sanctuary. We try to involve owners and local community members as much as possible.

EARS Donkey Sanctuary


The best way to improve owner care is through education. Few owners are deliberately cruel to their equines and by working with them to understand an equine’s physical and physiological needs, we believe we can help reduce incidences of abuse and neglect.​

Adopt a donkey

Our ‘adopt a donkey’ programme offers you the chance to ‘adopt’ one of our Sanctuary donkeys either for yourself, or as a gift for a child or friend. ​

For R1200 a year, or R100 a month, you get to choose your donkey (we can choose one for you if you can’t get to the Sanctuary) and receive a personalised adoption certificate with your donkey’s photo and the adoptee’s name.​

All of our donkeys have interesting stories, and all are such delightful characters so every quarter every adoptive parent will also receive a newsletter about their donkey.​

This is a great gift for someone who has everything, or for a child who loves animals.

Other ways to help