Sanctuary welfare assistant Therdon Duminy says it feels like he has been with the Cart Horse Protection Association in Cape Town for two years already he has learned so much.

Therdon’s training at the CHPA will be a huge benefit to EARS when he returns as he can use his newfound skills to assist Penny with the dozens of injuries and illnesses she deals with every month. Penny spends much of every day in the villages in and around Greyton tending to community horses; with Therdon’s help her burden should be halved.

Among the skills Therdon has learned are shoeing, wound care, injury recognition and care and disease treatment and prevention, including colic, pneumonia, biliary and tetanus. “It’s a lot to take in but worthwhile. It makes me feel proud because I know plenty I didn’t know three months ago,” Therdon said in  his report back to EARS.

He thanked his teacher, ‘the best’, Senior Inspector Diana of CHPA for her guidance. EARS would like to thank ARC animal welfare for their sponsorship of Therdon’s training.