Art for Good is a new initiative by Greyton artist and Art Walk organiser Penny MacRobert who this year has dedicated an art walk preview event to charity.

On 25 November, 1000 artworks will be strung down Greyton’s Main Road, inviting art lovers to purchase these beautiful works – many by celebrated artists – for just R100 each.  Each of 10 chosen charities will display 100 artworks in a designated area and proceeds from the artworks sold will go directly to the charity. EARS is one of the beneficiaries and we have reached out far and wide to artists for help.

Our own committee member, Gabby van Heerden, a well-known Greyton artist and art teacher at the local private school, held two open studio afternoons at her central village studio where all were welcomed to join in and ‘make art’ under Gabby’s direction. The first afternoon garnered 39 artworks for EARS!

Our grateful thanks to Dr Margaret Orr, Sherry Cullen, Jennifer Cohen, Gabby van Heerden, Joan Falkenberg and the participants of the open studio afternoon for their gorgeous contributions. We can’t wait for this exciting event.