Sanctuary news grabbed the attention of Greyton’s newest newspaper, The Greyton Post, this month which devoted a full page article to our work.

We are enormously grateful to the editorial team of this ‘good news’ community newspaper which launched its first issue this month.

The tiny EARS team achieves an enormous amount in the five villages it covers but without a voice like The Greyton Post, our achievements may go unnoticed.

“We welcome the opportunity to share our stories with Greytonians and the many visitors to our town as the more they get to know us, the better they will understand the size of the task at hand and the passion and dedication of our team,” says EARS marketing manager Toni Younghusband.

“More importantly, we hope that everyone will come to better understand and appreciate the challenges faced by impoverished horse owners and support our work where they can.”

The valley in which Greyton lies has around 400 horses, many of them free-roaming and vulnerable to injury and disease. EARS not only provides free sterilisation to horses but also provides free medical care and parasite prevention to horses in impoverished communities.