Adoption may not seem like the obvious gift to give a family member but that’s just the point. It’s unique! Under our donkey adoption programme, you get your donkey but he or she stays with us at the Sanctuary so you don’t need a big yard, vet’s bills or bales of feed. And you get to visit your donkey whenever you want to.

We have Dads who have adopted donkeys for their daughters, Moms who’ve adopted them for their sons, a godfather who adopted Ruth for his godchild of the same name, and grandparents who’ve adopted them for their grandchildren. Of course, friends can adopt for friends too – for birthdays or anniversary gifts, especially for people who have everything. And then there are those animal lovers who simply want to adopt one for themselves.

It costs just R1200 for a whole year and when you adopt you receive an official adoption certificate plus a letter from your donkey and a follow-up letter every quarter. Your donkey would, of course, love a visit so do pop by the Sanctuary when you’re in town.