Cassie the young paint foal that Greytonians have fallen in love with for her fearless curiosity is being treated at the EARS Sanctuary for a nasty foot injury after villagers noticed her limping.

Sassy Cassie, who loves nothing more than sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, is being treated by Sanctuary manager Penny, with her mom Toucan at her side.

It’s not known how Cassie was injured but villagers alerted EARS when they saw her struggling to keep up with her herd.

Cassie’s pastern was leaking a significant amount of pus and she had a deep wound on her back which Penny suspects may have been caused by Cassie running under something sharp. The foot injury may well have been glass as the horses are known to graze at the dump.

Unfortunately, it will take some time for Cassie’s injuries to heal as they were discovered late. The sooner an injury is treated, the better for recovery. However, Penny is confident that with time and the excellent care Cassie is getting at the Sanctuary, her wounds will heal.

The picture shows Cassie poking her nose in Sanctuary founder Jo’s car when Jo stopped to off load goods at the EARS Charity Shop in Greyton’s Main Road. Cassie obviously wanted first dibs at the brilliant bargains the shop has.

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