Lucky is not a word one associated with little grey pony Lucy until recently when she was finally surrendered to EARS. Lucy was well known to Greyton residents and visitors as she wandered the streets with a foal in tow, year after year.

Lucy was quite a feisty little lady too, wandering into shops and happily grazing on pavements and crossing busy roads with not a care in the world. But her annual pregnancies took their toll on her health and despite our best efforts her owner would not have her sterilised.

Until finally it became obvious to everyone that Lucy would probably not survive another pregnancy or would lose her foals so she was surrendered into our care.

Sanctuary manager Penny has taken special care of Lucy and she has blossomed in her new paddock, with plenty of friends to chat to but without a foal to feed and no traffic or humans to endanger her life.

Yay, lucky Lucy. We’re so grateful to have you with us at last.